Window resizing wonky on Linux?

Can someone please try to build my LayerEffects application and let me know if window resizing is wonky (or if it fails to build)? I’m running it in a VirtualBox instance under Ubuntu:


Nice to see someone giving some attention to Linux.

the build spits out a warning:

In file included from ../../VFLib/modules/vf_core/vf_core.cpp:77:0: ../../VFLib/modules/vf_core/native/vf_posix_FPUFlags.cpp:4:66: note: #pragma message: ../../VFLib/modules/vf_core/native/vf_posix_FPUFlags.cpp(4) : WARNING: Missing platform-specific implementation

I enabled the drop shadow effect and did a resize… it is painfully slow, and makes CPU go to the max.
It doesn’t matter if desktop effects are enabled or not, it’s still massively slow.

I also noticed some messages during execution:

JUCE Assertion failure in ../../VFLib/modules/vf_unfinished/graphics/vf_Pixels.h, line 345 JUCE Assertion failure in ../../VFLib/modules/vf_unfinished/graphics/vf_BevelEmbossStyle.cpp, line 36 (repeatead 4 more times)

I’m running a custom Ubuntu 12.04 64bit system here, KDE4 desktop.

PS: I run Linux 100% of the time I use my laptop, and I’m usually on IRC in #Juce channel, just in case. I’ll be glad to help any linux related issues.

Just tried it with:

and resizing works much better somehow… :?
(the gui still takes a lot of CPU to refresh itself though)

maybe Juce is doing something wrong here?
my theory is that it’s requesting a repaint everytime the window is resized. If true, I think it should instead wait a little bit (1/4 of a second ?) and then trigger a repaint.

JuceDemo has the same resizing problems with the JUCE title bar. Setting the native title bar fixes it (but causes other problems).