Contributing to docs

Hi there!

I’m feeling the urge to improve the docs to add a bit more context and examples around usage. There’s a lot of “gold” in the forums as well as “why” in the tutorials that would be nice to codify. I’m forgetful and am going through the framework somewhat systematically, so I often find myself digging around the forums for an answer I remember seeing somewhere!

For example, jargon-heavy classes like ProcessContextReplacing could do with a bit more love, describing why, when, where, how…

Since docs are inline, I was wondering if there was agreement/incentive to keep them relatively spartan. I saw an old 2016 PR that tutorials were recommended for longer form “educational” documentation…

On there other hand there are useful examples such as the oversampling header file which speak to the “why,” document parameters, provide tips, etc. This seems like it could be a good target verbosity?

Would improvements be welcome? If so, I can lob a couple softball PRs over.