Control Block in the Noise App

Hello all,

Unfortunately I couldn’t find an anwer on my question when I searched for it, thus…

I saw there’s currently a black friday deal on the roli developer kit and since I am planning on getting some more gear while the black friday lasts. In the FAQ page of the developer kit it says the (numbered) control block will behave as a Loop Block when connected to the NOISE app.

As I already have a songmaker kit, which includes the Loop Block, I was wondering if the (numbered) control block could also be made to work as a Live Block or a Touch Block in the NOISE app?

In which case I would rather get 2 developer kits instead of 2 more lightpad block’s :slight_smile:

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The sales have ended so either you got your answers or you made your decision without them.

Just got my Dev Kit. It came with an original Lightpad instead of the Lightpad M (as stated in the product page). And the Control Block doesn’t actually behave as a Loop Block when connected to the NOISE app. In the Dashboard, you can use it in CC mode (each button is a CC, including the +/- ones). It sounds like you’re supposed to code the Control Block to get it to work. The Littlefoot examples are only for the Lightpad Block, not the Control Block. The only example code having to do with the Control Block is about changing the colour of a button.

what does CC mean and can the block be changed to function normally?