Littlefoot Control Block Hacking

How do we load Littlefoot apps onto a Control Block in Dashboard?

In Blocks Code I am able to write code that runs on the Loop Block.

However, in Dashboard there doesn’t seem to be a way to load apps onto the Loop Block. When I select my Loop Block both the Apps button and File / Open menu item are disabled.


Thanks a lot for your question. Dashboard was originally designed to just use “Modes” on Control blocks. The inbuilt factory script is quite flexible, so I’d recommend using a “Mode” if possible.

You can also “drag and drop” a script onto a Control Block from the latest Dashboard release for Mac (4.1.7) and the next Windows release will also support this.

I will log the GUI issues you’ve reported and hopefully we can get these fixed soon.

Dimitri (Roli)


Thank you for your reply Dimitri, and sorry for my slow response.

I wasn’t aware of the ability to drag and drop a script on the control block. I can confirm that on my Mac dragging a script onto the Loop Block does load the script onto the Loop Block. However, when Dashboard is closed the Loop Block goes back to its factory programming.

I am interested in looking at modes, but without the Loop Block factory script or the factory .mode files there’s not much to go on. I don’t see the scripts them in the Factory or Example scripts and when I search for .mode files on my computer I don’t see the factory modes. Are they available?

I updated Dashboard to 4.1.8 tonight.

Thank you for your help!

@jtpack to locate all factory scripts and their Modes on Mac, right click ROLI Dashboard app and select “Show Package Contents”, then navigate to Contents/Resources/Littlefoot. It will have the Control Block Default Program.littlefoot script and Modes for different Control Blocks.

Wow, this is great. Thank you Anthony!

I will dig into these.