Lightpad Block M does not appear in BLOCKS Code

I’m trying out BLOCKS Code for the first time, but my Lightpad M doesn’t show up under the targets menu while connected over Bluetooth. Connecting over USB seems to work fine. Is that normal?

Following JUCE’s separation from ROLI in 2020 we are no longer providing support for the BLOCKS module and it will not be a part of JUCE releases going forwards.

The new home for the BLOCKS module is here: GitHub - WeAreROLI/roli_blocks_basics: C++ API for applications which interact with ROLI BLOCKS

This is potentially due to a conflict with ROLI Hardware Driver, only one process can access Blocks at a time. You could try closing any apps that may be interacting with ROLI Hardware driver i.e. Dashboard, ROLI Connect, RSP or RSD.