Can’t run JUCE Blocks examples

I began to check out JUCE, installed it and looked at several example projects using Projucer and XCode. All except the 3 Blocks demos worked just fine. I get the following buildtime error:
/Users/aph/Code/JUCE/modules/juce_blocks_basics/topology/juce_PhysicalTopologySource.cpp:1060:41: Allocating an object of abstract class type ‘juce::PhysicalTopologySource::Internal::TouchSurfaceImplementation’

I have a block connected and have already explored Littlefoot. Not big on C++, just getting back into it so please forgive me if this is an obvious one.



These errors have been fixed on the develop branch.

Jip. Works. Thank you!


BlocksMonitor works until the control block is attached to the lightpad, then jassertfalse kicks in. I uncommented it but haven’t looked further.

BlockDrawing and BlockSynth both recognise touches from the device but the lightpad shows the connect-animation. It’s weird. When I then close the JUCE application again, the connect-animation is gone. In both cases there is still my littlefoot app displayed.

Do you have the latest firmware installed on your blocks? You can update it by connecting your blocks to an iPhone and opening the NOISE app or by using blocks dashboard on desktop.

yes it’s 0.2.6