Controller finally release

Well it’s my third attempt to do this, so fart the best i got (it’s working and not crashing). It’s a general purpose MIDI controller/modifier, you can send any type of midi messages and define relations between modifiers, also you have a processBlock method that you can use to run LFOs and make time based modifications. The engine is LUA controlled (a small editor for LUA code and a Reload function is now available). It’s all becasue i can’t use my hardware (and i have a few pieces) in my DAW the way i’d like to.

the project is here

all code is there ofcourse, the GUI is done using JUCER (thanx Jules for this amazing piece of code), if jules adds the custom component property to JUCER the part where you have to write some XML will disappear, for now it has to be there.

Any suggestions feedback is welcome. I got some positive feedback from hardware users ( and other communities, there is a non-free program that does this (they have a much bigger library of already supported gear) it’s called Midi Quest, but from what i hear it’s very bloated and not very stable. I hope to do a Linux build but i can’t get JUCE plugins and the PluginHost to work under linux so that will be delayed. It’s a work in progress a lot is missing. The Juno editor in the ZIP file (windows builds) shows some examples on how to use it and how to use LUA to generate messages. Hope someone likes it.

Thanks again for this amazing library that is JUCE, and everyone who were kind enough to answer my dumbass questions :).

interesting project, i probably would borrow some parts from it cause it is one thing i needed to do (also for making surface for controlling vst plugins parameters in my host).

thanx for sharing !


You have an update on there dated 17.02.2009. Is there another feature you didn’t mention? Is that why a small fission reactor is required? :wink:

Meanwhile, good job. Have you considered a stand-alone version? I don’t use VST, but sometimes need a Midi Utility.


heh :slight_smile: well it’s propaby the time i have set on my pseudo-mac setup.

there is a standalone build win32/64 for now just those two platforms.