Controlling one plugin's parameters from another plugin (VST3 to start)

I’m amazed and bewildered to read that VST3 hasn’t supported CC out from plugins. I’m seeing different confused questions and answers about it.
Steinberg wants the parameter control inside plugins to work with something other than MIDI CC? If it were any other company, I’d say that was unfathomable.
I want to make a plugin just for the purpose of sending control messages to other plugins.
I have the options to mark it as a synth, a MIDI effect, that it wants MIDI and produces MIDI, but does none of this apply to controller messages?
Is there any form of message that can communicate values between plugins?

MIDI CC messages works now in VST3 and JUCE.
However, some hosts (older versions of Ableton Live) aren’t passing those messages on in VST3, while other (most?) hosts do. For those hosts/older versions of hosts only VST2 is an option to output CC.

If you’re OK with that limitation, you need to set your plugin as a synth (not a MIDI FX), and make it input and produce MIDI. For AU, you will also need to specify that the type is kAudioUnitType_MIDIProcessor

Hope that works. :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Yes, it works.
Just because I marked it as a MIDI effect!
Thanks for straightening that out for me!

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