Crash Reporter for Macintosh

Recently I needed a crash reporter, since the one I was using didn’t work on 10.5, where the naming conventions of the crash reports have changed.

There were many free and paid frameworks to select, among them I found a free crash reporter framework, ILCrashReporter framework it was the most simplest to use.

Although it didn’t load crash reports on 10.5, I was able to get it working on 10.5 after adding code to it. It didn’t need me change my applications info.plist. Just had to put this code into my application.

	[[ILCrashReporter defaultReporter]
	launchReporterForCompany:@"My Company"

If anybody needs to get the version working on 10.5 can either get it from me or try this link. Haven’t checked it, got this link a little late in the day to save my efforts.:frowning:

Where to send patches?