Crash while mouse move over Mac SubmenuItem (SnowLeopard)

Hi Jules,

I am using juce_1_50 on SnowLeopard, Jucer application is crashing on SnowLeopard while mouse move over SubMenuItems.
Goto “Edit” menu and then move mouse over “Add new Component” or “Add new Graphics element” Application is crashing.

I have implemented similar menu in my app it’s working fine on tiger and Leopard but crashing on snow leopard. so I checked with Jucer it’s also crashing. pls look into the issue.

As I’ve said about a million times, please only report bugs that you can demonstrate in the tip code. There’s no point in me chasing bugs that might have been fixed months ago…

I have this same problem when i try to compile and run the audio plugin host extras example code. If i try to use the plugins : create plugins menu in the audio plugin host example i get the spinning cursor of death, and then after a while the program crashes with an EXC_BAD_ACCESS error. This is on an intel iMac running osx 10.6.3.

…and your juce version is what?

Hi Jules,
Which version of juce was used for building the available in the downloads page?

I was using version 1.50 when i saw the problem. It looks like you fixed it in 1.51. Thanks.

I got answer for my question. I didn’t knew juce 1.51 had been released. Looking at this post, it pretty clear you have put in tons of effort. Continue the great work Jules.

Hi jules,

I have checked, this issue has been fixed in juce 1.51, but i have little problem, my application has been released and i am not able to move my application
to juce 1.51 in few days, if u can provide little help to fix it in juce 1.50 will be appreciated, i tried to debug but difficult to put breakpoints…:frowning:

Sorry, there’s no way I can afford to spend time hunting for problems that are already fixed! You could try stepping through the git versions until you find the one where the problem goes away, and then look at the diffs to see what changed.

Hi Jules,
I fixed menu crash, just taken diff from juce_1.51 menu specific files and then moved code, my Problem is solved, thanks for reply… :slight_smile:

Hi Jules,

Need some clarification regarding the GIT JUCE.

There are so many bugs in GIT JUCE. And people are raising it.

Y not one stable build for the user who releases their application to the customer.
And solve the issues for them in that particular build.

Hope u understand my point.


…no, I don’t think that’s true. There should be less than in the last stable release, because I’ve fixed some bugs since then! The only place there are likely to be new bugs would be in features that are new.

Someone else suggested that I tag certain versions to say “this is a good one to use”, which is a good idea. It’s quite likely that most check-ins would end up being tagged like that, with occasional gaps when I’m working on a new feature or overhauling something.