Create Spectrum From Loaded Audio File

Hello everyone.
The waveform display in the juce demo was a great start but I’d like to load a sound and plot an image of the whole file instead of in real time.

If I can get the volume level for each sample plots can be plotted. I’ve been making progress with the AudioFormatReader but was wondering if anyone had examples or suggestions. This is most likely a poor implementation and I know a lot of talented programmers keep this forum alive so I figured I’d ask.


p.s. I’m a new Juce addict.

Hi there

Well, the best way is to run a background thread that churns through the file creating the thumbnail. I’ve got various bits of code hanging around to do this, and keep meaning to tidy some of it up and make it into a self-contained class…

We also need this for our app, any idea when you,ll have time to do this?

couldn’t really say when I’ll get chance. Will need it for a project I’m doing soon though, so probably won’t be too long.