CSL and Juce

Does anyone know if CSL still works well with Juce?

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    I know there’s an example project with juce in a folder of the csl lib.
    I tried to compile the library as a vc8 solution. Got a lot of errors…
    I managed to compile the .net solution, but it’s not so useful to me.
    This is so bad…
    According to the csl website, they don’t support the vc version anymore.

Hello all,

If by CSL you mean our CREATE Signal Library, we use it with JUCE all the time, and it compiles AOK on Windows. If the VisStudio projects in the CSL tarball are stale, I can update them…


OK I meant sizzle, I need crossplatform. What problems are there on Mac?

Mac is the native platform for 80% of the CSL work (meaning the students in my classes here at UCSB).

Here’s an example from last quarter that uses JUCE, Loris and CSL together.


Yes! An update of the vs project (c++, not .net) could be great!
Sizzle could be very useful.
Thank you!