Good news everyone! (CREATE Signal Library)

Hi all, this is my first thread, so it may seem a little out of the blue, but I think this is rather cool news and quite serendipitous.

I’m new to Juce (and C++), getting on really well with it - it’s allowed me to start building an interface that works how I want with relative ease, which gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

But I’m intending to build a synth and Juce’s audio classes aren’t quite extensive enough, so I’ve been looking around for synthesis libraries (I’ve migrated from SuperCollider, and I don’t think I’m quite ready to get down to the buffer-calculation level). I really wanted to use the CREATE Signal Library because the code’s very easy to understand, there are lots of sweet classes and it even resembles SuperCollider a bit.

Problem was, although CSL was integrated into Juce, it had not been updated for nearly 3 years and supported Juce 1.5.2. I wanted to use Juce 2, and converting it to a Juce module is a bit beyond me, as I discovered when I tried. But it looked like the project was dead.

Well not any more! Its author Stephen Pope just updated it to version 5.2, which supports Juce 2. It even supports the Introjucer. He hasn’t posted here yet but thought I’d let you guys know. Now, thanks to Stephen and dave96, we have the option of STK or CSL, both integrated with Juce 2.x. Cheers chaps, this is going to be a major help to me, and I suspect many other beginners!

That’s great news :slight_smile:

Yeah, I just managed to get the demo to compile, and it works well. Unfortunately it won’t compile with the ‘use Juce for sound files’ flag, or ‘use Juce for MIDI’:

For now LibSndFile seems to work fine. I haven’t checked what the other MIDI i/o options are yet though. I’m looking forward to getting this integrated into my project so I can start making some noise. :smiley: