Are earlier juce versions available?

Hi! I am trying to compile a Stephen Pope’s piece of code (CSL library, see the discussion topic here: the latest version of which was created for juce ver 1.50 and currently the project doesn’t seem to be in any active development phase. It compiles under 1.52 with a wealth of errors (especially because the library creators patched the juce code to implement floating point sample buffers and their code uses juce functions/methods that are not part of the juce library anymore).
Hence I’m wondering whether Jules keeps the “back issues” of juce library somewhere in archives, so maybe it’s possible to download the 1.50 version just for the sake of compiling the Stephen’s code?

Maybe look in the GIT repository…?

That’s what I thought, but it doesn’t seem to be tagged there. So I just grabbed one of the commits corresponding to the date of the version’s 1.50 announcement. Hopefully it will work. Thanks!