Miss build folder in juce1.52 release package

Hi Jules,
I downloaded the latest version juce_1_52.zip from sourceforge, but I encountered the building errors, as there is no “juce/build” folder.
The relevent information in “\juce_1_52\juce\extras\the jucer\build\vc8\jucer.sln” is:

Project("{8BC9CEB8-8B4A-11D0-8D11-00A0C91BC942}") = “JUCE", "…\build\win32\vc8\JUCE.vcproj”, “{AE232C11-D91C-4CA1-B24E-8B11A52EFF26}”

Actually, there is no such “…\build\win32\vc8\JUCE.vcproj” in the release package at all.

I guess you may forget this issue, or you may have your own idea, if that, please tell me how fix this issue.

Best regards

[quote=“xinhu”]Hi Jules,
I downloaded the latest version juce_1_52.zip from sourceforge, but I encountered the building errors, as there is no “juce/build” folder.
无需从SF获取JUCE的最新版本。Jules在Jucer这个程序中,内置了一个下载最新版本的功能(Jucer experimental)。
有两个选项,可选择不删除已有的旧文件,直接升级即可。这个功能很方便,也无需担心新版本打包文件中缺少某个文件或文件夹。xinhu兄可以试一下。 :slight_smile:


Ah, that doesn’t matter, it works fine anyway. I just used VC8 to compile the pre-built jucer binary that’s available on SourceForge, so there’s certainly no problem building it.

Hi Jules

I think you missed it; there is no juce/build folder at all. This is missing. Hence building the libraries is a little fraught…

Help pls?


Hi Jules

As a temporary fix I have copied across the build folder from the 1-51 release and am using that to build the libraries; I do not know if this is going to miss anything new…


Ah, sorry. I thought you were just confused because there isn’t supposed to be a juce/build, it’s now called juce/Builds… but it looks like I actually did miss that folder out of the zip somehow.

I’ll fix that and upload a new zip, but I recommend learning to use the GIT anyway, it’s a much smarter way to work.



Thanks Jules. I am so glad to here such news.

I also try to use gitk to track your changes, but I found it’s so slow to sync or fetch the master source. So horrible.

What’s about your unit tests for juce? If you did that, could you please share the test case for us? I think it’s much helpful to understand the detail functionalities or the specific classes or functions usages.

I am downloading the fix version. Holp have a nice result! :smiley:

Hi SwingCoder, thanks for your tips.

I found the tiny trick in the jucer( experimental). Very nice.

What ’ about your project? I saw the snapshot yesterday, very wonderful. Is it opensource?

If that, could you please submit to the public code repository, e.g gool.code or sourceforge. It’s will be helpful for us such newbies.

BTW, Jules, I suggest that you could add another page to contain such examples based on juce library.

That’s maybe follow the opensource spirit much better: We cheer, we share, we win :lol:





Yep, It’s very great for you to have a chance by the commercial lience, I think it’s the good way to support jules and make the juce library make much powerful.

Wish you be sucess for your programming career.