Create Signal Library - PROBLEM WITH COMPILING

Here you can find a decription for the Create Signal Library: or download the sources here:

I would like to use that library for an iphone app featuring binaural location of sound files. But I do have many problems compiling that library. :? :? :frowning:

When I am creating a new iphone project and then linking that project with CSL I am getting Semantic issues, like “undeclared identifier” or “redefinition of … as different kind of symbol” etc. How can that be? Still it is a tested library. Are those problems due to the compiler settings?

(I am using xCode 4 and try to compile for IOS 5.1. with Default compiler (LLVM GCC 4.2).)

Does anybody has any suggestion. The main question is how could it be that i am getting an semantic error from a finished library that should be testet and build already. Do I have to change the compiler settings?

I don’t know anything about that library, but this just sounds like a general c++ linkage problem, nothing specific to juce or CSL…

Yeah, I tried to compile CSL in the past but never got lucky, so I just forgot about it.
Maybe now that JUCE is modular it would be great to make a module with CSL.
I’ll give it a try…