JUCE STK sample synth


Here you can find the source code for a sample synthesiser based on STK with JUCE.

The synth is MultiOsc from TuneRacoon, with a simple echo.

This means I could take this back to my other project which is sample based and do pure synthesis. 8)

I've updated the project to include controls on the synth, updated the echo to do stereo ping pong (not tested though) and a filter. I'll add a Moog instrument and others.

I've added a release build, added reverb and screenshots on SourceForge.


It now builds on Windows, Mac and iOS

I study juce and stk now.

would you mind telling me can you share your source code?

sample means sample code....right?

You can get the source code from Sourceforge, usually, but it seems to be unavailable atm. If its still not available later on I have a copy on my home computer which I could post up later. It was a very useful project for me to learn how to integrate the STK synth library into my project. 

I also would like to integrate STK to my works.

Would you please post source code?


I need to say thanks to adamski and imekon!!!

Looks like Sourceforge sorted their problem out - you can get the source now at http://sourceforge.net/p/jucestksamplesynth/code/ci/default/tree/

imekon - be good to put the project up on Github I reckon ;)

I got source code!!!

But i cannot compile!!!(windows8.1 Juce3.2 Visual Studio2013 community surface pro)

Let's study!!!

Trying also to compile your Projucer Project (sampleSynth) on OSX 10.11, JUCE 4.2.4.
I felt the need to rewrite the includes from “file.h” to “…/include/file.h” in the stk cpp files, to respect the flie hierarchy given. I don’t know if it is correct, but anyway I come to a point where some special errors begin to rise, related to C-C++ relation ? Like for Skini.cpp and stk.cpp : assigning to ‘basic_ostream<char_type,traits_type> *’) from incompatible type ‘int’