Cubase 4

any of you audio plugin folks got cubase 4? I just had someone say that ppmulator doesn’t load in it (on the Mac), but I don’t have a copy to experiment with…

I have it, but it’s on a Windows XP PC

There might be a generic problem with juce and cubase 4. I have a customer that bought a plugin from us using cubase 4 on XP and it would not load. To solve the problem we give a previous version build with VSTGUI which worked ok. I think I will get a copy of cubase 4 for doing some more tests.


I have Cubase 4 on XP. ppmulator loads, no problem so far.
Maybe he just not found it? cubase 4 sorts all plugins <=VST2.4 in a separate folder ( Earlier VST-Plugins )


Hi Christian,

Possibly this is the problem (now I remember!) the customer said that he installed the plugin but he could not find it in Cubase 4. I will know for sure when I get my copy.



Note that on mac intel, Cubase 4 only supports VT 2.4 plugins.
So be sure to use this version and to force the 2.4 extensions.


The juce stuff does use VST2.4, so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work…

I didn’t look at the latest Juce version, but if I remember correctly I had to add a new entry point to my VST plugin.

New VST 2.4 host like Cubase 4 are looking for a VSTPluginMain funtion (see in vstplugmain.cpp from the vst sdk)

For my plugin, I’ve exported both the old main_macho and the VSTPluginMain


ah, yes, that sounds like the culprit! Thanks for the tip-off, I’ll get it sorted out…

I’m pretty new to both c++ and vstplugin and even newer to Mac and have a few questions.
I have managed to compile my first plugin (no gui) for both windows & osx, but it won’t show in Cubase 4.
You were talking about exporting it for both main_macho and VSTPluginMain, where do I do these changes ?
I’m not using Juce, so I guess I’m in the wrong forum, but having searched all over the net I found this thread discussing it… so hopefully you can help me :slight_smile:


Ah well, if you were using juce you wouldn’t have to worry about stuff like this, it’d all just work…

I’d suggest doing a search through the juce tree if you want to learn the secrets of VSTPluginMain.

I have a customer who complains about all parameters being reset under Cubase 4.1 every time a saved project is loaded. Does anybody know whether the chunk management has changed in Cubase 4/4.1 ? Or does anybody experience the same problem? Man, it’s really a shame Steinberg doesn’t provide a demo version for this thing…