Cubase crashes when loading vst


I created my very first VST wich doesn't do anything more then getting the volume up.
I've loaded it in audacity to try and it works, but when I try it in Cubase, Cubase crashes.
Anyone aby idea?

I haven't had an issue with VSTs crashing Cubase (on OS X) upon loading a plugin. But they do when removing an instance of a plugin (which happens only when running in 64-bit mode, 32-bit unloads fine). I've seen a few messages on this forum with others having similar issues, but have yet to find a solution. Which OS are you running? If OSX, have you tried with both 32-bit and 64 bit modes as well? 

I'm on a windows 8 64 -bit mode.

You should print log in a text file and put log on some interface example: prepareToPlay, processBlock, createEditor …
with that way you can limit the error why you plugin make Cubase crash. …

And …