Cubase Parameter Automation


Using a plug-in with Pro Tools we can;

  1. Record some automation with say a slider parameter.
  2. Rewind to beginning.
  3. Whilst holding the slider at a different value to the recorded automation value (1), press play.
  4. The slider writes automation at the new value.

This, however, doesn't happen with Cubase, the new slider position is ignored and has to physically move before the change is noticed by the host.

This isn't JUCE specific because it happens with all plug-ins, but I wonder if there is anything we can do, within the VST wrapper, to replicate the Pro Tools behaviour?




I haven't looked at this solution and any edgecases I might be missing, and it's certainly not tested; could you call setParameterNotifyingHost() from prepareToPlay(), for any parmeter that has made a call to beginGesture() but has not made a corresponding call to endGesture() ?

Thanks Anthony, I had previously tried a few things along those lines but to date have had no success, I'll let you know if I get it working.