Custom fonts displays only one specific system font

I was playing around with JUCE and I intended to use a custom font for displaying whatever information.
And so I created my typeface object inside a component class.
For test reasons I gave it some random text to display…
The expected result should look like this:

But it displays a completely different font

(CAPTURE IT font, which is installed on my windows machine, but I never called it in my code)
(to further clarify things I added this(DIN NEXT LT PRO) font as a binary resource in a separate Fonts folder in projucer and saved it)

Code: (by Normalized)

so what could be the problem?

Same issue maybe ?

Hmm, interesting indeed. I never tried to do so without g.drawtext(). I wanna try it with labels and see if this thing happens too.

Still this is a bug that the Juce team should have a look at but unfortunately it has been forgotten so far.

Thanks, I can reproduce the issue and I’m working on a fix.


Thanks for reporting. The issue should be resoved by this commit:

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std::unique_ptr<WindowsDirectWriteTypeface> wtf

Loving this variable name! :rofl: