Windows10 issue with system custom fonts overrides in Graphics::drawText (+workaround)

I noticed that when a custom font is installed in windows os, the call to Graphics::drawText is not using the font set with setFont but overrides it with the installed custom font from windows.

Steps to reproduce:
1/ Search on google the font “Google Font: EB Garamond”
2/ Download and Install them
3/ Graphics::drawText does not work properly anymore

Workaround (sort of) :
The workaround for this is to replace the g.drawText() by a custom method creating a textLayout, I place it is my main lookAndFeel:

    static void drawText(juce::Graphics& g,
                const juce::String& text,
                juce::Rectangle<float> bounds,
                juce::Justification just,
                juce::Colour c,
                float multiplicatorWindows = 1.2f
    juce::Font font = g.getCurrentFont();
    bounds.translate(0, (-1.2f));
    font.setHeight(g.getCurrentFont().getHeight() * (multiplicatorWindows));
    juce::AttributedString str(text);
    juce::TextLayout textLayout;
    textLayout.createLayout(str, bounds.getWidth(), bounds.getHeight());
    textLayout.draw(g, bounds);

it would be great if g.drawText were behaving the way it should because it is not reliable when building cross-platform apps that require to look exactly the same.
Using “textLayout” brings its own issues mostly regarding placements and it not really a wanted long-term workaround, I had to place size multiplicators and some translates on windows to obtain satisfying results.

Hope this helps to find a fix.

EDIT: This does not work 100% of the time but greatly reduces the number of machine with a font issue