Garbled Text: Windows / JUCE 6


Look at this glorious text rendering.

JUCE 6, Graphics::drawText, embedded font Montserrat font embedded.

Any suggestions about the cause of this ugly mess?

Is that a Label or TextLayout?

Really basic drawText, like this…

auto textArea = bounds.withTrimmedTop(20);


g.drawText(title, textArea.removeFromTop(20), Justification::centred);


g.drawText(productName, textArea.removeFromTop(20), Justification::centred);
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I’m baffled how the Juce team has been skipping those issues and general font issue those past month.


In the post you linked it says “does not work properly any more”. Does that mean it looks like my mess?

And yes, I do get the impression that the difficult bugs are being ignored at the moment! We have a whole set of problems with fallback fonts :slight_smile:

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OK, after looking more closely at the image: it wasn’t what I was thinking where the wrong glyphs can get chosen in rare circumstances on macOS

No, I thought it was that. But it’s the right glyps but with something terrible happening in the top 4/5 pixels!

It means that it uses another font (the custom one installed on the user system) than the one you’ve asked hence not displaying what it should.

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