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Hi All,

I’m new to this forum. I need to develop a cross-platform data-management app for Windows (Desktop and Phone), MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android, and I don’t know if JUCE can fit my needs, since it’s advised as an audio app development framework. I have a few questions about its functions:

  • From the API reference, I see that it contains almost all the basic components for GUI development. I see that it supports the development of customised components too, so if something is not present (like, for example, static tables or tree tables) I can develop them by myself. By the way, I need some info about the web browser component: can it be used to edit an HTML document? I really need this kind of component because I don’t want to write a new one by myself because it’s not so easy.
  • What about Windows Phone? It seems to be not covered by your framework.
  • What’s the real difference between open source license and Indie/Pro ones? Maybe I have more modules to integrate in my app?

Thanks to all in advance.


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The JUCE web browser component will only allow you to load webpages (it’s basically using WebKit or IE under the hood). It’s also not available on Linux and Android.


JUCE does not currently support Windows Phone.

If you release your app as open-source, i.e. you make your own source code easily accessible for everyone, then you can use the open-source license of JUCE. In all other cases you need to buy a license.

Hi Fabian,

thank you for your explanation. From the API reference, it was not clear that the WebBrowserComponent is not available on Linux and Android. Is there a way to integrate in a JUCE app a native control?

Thank you again.


I’m afraid it’s not easy on Linux and Android. We have the ability to add native controls on all other platforms.

Ok, thank you very much for your help Fabian.