.deb creation?

Any chance IntroJucer can add a target for producing a .deb file?

Please no distro specific stuff, then people will want rpm .tgz (.txz) and god knows what else. Linux has a packaging problem i wish Introjucer did something that produced a package for ALL distros, right now i do a self extracting shell script for my program.

I’m looking for something that most closely resembles the process of downloading a file with the browser and double click to run it, but for Linux.

anyone with Fedora,RedHat,Gentoo,Slackware will have to enter HELL to install a .deb file. Like i wrote i use makeself, and it does the job it will run on ANY linux always

Oh…that looks very nice!

Actualy the best way to deliver JUCE apps would be to use CDE http://www.pgbovine.net/cde.html this packs the binary and all it’s dependencies (dynamic libraries etc) into one package and the end user can run it with the dependencies included in the package.

In any other case if you build your app on Ubuntu, Fedora users might have problems with Xorg library versions or mesa-opengl stuff. With CDE that goes away, though i think it might cause problems when using OpenGL applications built on computers with one type of graphic card and then run on a computer with a different graphic card, since most vendors (ATI, NVidia, INTEL) include their own version of opengl libraries. But apart from that this is a good way to distribute your work.