Debug build doesn't generate Debug Info

I have a Introjucer project. It works perfectly to create all those nice project files :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I have a small problem with the Debug mode.
When I recreate the project files for Visual 2008 the newly generated vcprj doesn’t include “/DEBUG” nor “/MAP” nor “/MAPINFO:EXPORTS”. So it’s quite impossible for the vc debugger to step debug into the generated binary. Ok, it’ not a big deal since I can enable them each time I need 'em. Well since I am still in the phase of designing the application new files are added frequently and I run Introjucer quite often. Each time a new file is added I have to reenable the Debugging this is quite annoying :roll:
It there a possibility to generally enable it for the Debugmode?


you should be able to debug every new generated project by default (just start in debug build from your ide), there is no need to edit the configuration

Hey chkn,

thanks for your reply.
Well, I don’t have the possibility to start the debug build from the IDE since I am building a DLL.
Furthermore I am quite sure not all possibilities to debug are enabled when neither “/DEBUG” nor “/MAP” nor “/MAPINFO:EXPORTS” are enabled.
IMO a VST is also a DLL that needs to be debugged some times :wink: How about that? Is it working without any changes to the project preferences?


Of course you have! Define the executable which is using the dll in : Configuration Properties -> Debugging -> Command

Thank you for the answer.
Hhm, of course I know that I can attach an executable there :wink: Well, this is not suitable for me since I have to use another IDE that starts the main program. :mrgreen:
Probably this is again a very uncommon way of developing with juce … I’ll need to live with changing the properties over and over again … or when I’ll provide a patch for the debug mode. I am sure those switches won’t destroy anything else.