Generate debug command line

When creating a plugin project, you often have to edit the debug command line in your project settings in order to launch the JUCE demo plugin host (or some other host) when debugging your plugin.

It would be incredibly convenient if there was a line in Introjucer where you could add your custom debug command line as well as an argument line, and have that generated into the project files automatically.

Possible to add?

Certainly possible to add, and a good request.. Haven't time to add it right now, but if you want to have a go and suggest a change, that'd make it happen!

This would be a win, but I'm not sure it's a trivial fix, as for Xcode at least the xcscheme under xcuseradata will need to be edited somehow though, which isn't managed by Introjucer at present. 

Unless it'll inherit settings from the project.xvworksapce file or project.pbxproj? Anyone an expert on these matters?

Also in Visual Studio it is stored in the .vcxproj.user file (rather than in the .vcxproj file), so yes it might not be trivial to add.

I don't consider it controversial for Introjucer to generate also the .user files ("per-user" options) when such options have been entered directly in Introjucer.