How to set up Visual Studio to use JUCE for debugging?

In this video, he shows how to set up XCode to use the JUCE debugger:

How would you do that in Visual Studio and what would be the advantage/disadvantage?

To be clear, this isn’t about how to use JUCE for debugging, but how to set up the XCode debugger for debugging a plugin. This is relevant because a plugin is not a stand alone executable, and needs one to load it for debugging. In this case, as he says, he is using the JUCE host app to do so. Having clarified that, in Visual Studio you right click on the Project in the Solutions Explorer panel, and select Properties. From the Properties dialog, navigate to the Debugging page, and set the Command field to the executable you want to use. You can use the arrow at the right of that field to Browse for the desired executable, as he does, and navigate the folders similarly. There is no advantage/disadvantage to using either development environment for this, except that you may have a preferred platform, and/or need to work on platform specific bug. Hope this helps.