Newb help needed to set up Juce and Visual Studio...?

I’ve just installed Juce and Visual Studio.

It says on the Juce website:

In Visual Studio on Windows you should go to the properties page of the VST3 build target, select the “Debugging” pane, then set the path to the AudioPluginHost executable in the “Command” field.

How do I get to the properties page in Visual Studio - I am editing PluginEditor.h" - I want to open my compiled VST3 in Reaper ?

Also, how do I get the SDK for legacy VST ? I gather VST3 is bundled now with Juce install, but the VST legacy can’t be because of license issues.


I don’t use VS, but this may help - First look at the debugger - Visual Studio | Microsoft Docs

Also, you are right - you can’t get the VST2 SDK any longer.