Build Tools v141 Error with VST3SDK builds

Hi all, I was trying to build the AudioPluginHost functionality for Juce following this tutorial, but unfortunately I can’t follow directly as I’m using Windows, and my IDE is VS17. The error message I’m getting is here,

but I just checked in my vs installation and it seems to be installed.

I’m sorry if this isn’t a fully Juce relevant question and hope it isn’t a duplicate (I couldnt find the same question for Windows), and I HAVE installed the VST3 SDK and set the path in projucer so that shouldn’t be the problem.
Any tips would be amazing, thank you!!!
(sorry edit, i did try retargeting and I still got the error)

What do you see under “Individual Components” if you launch the Visual Studio Installer and select the “Modify” option for VS2017?

I realised I’m actually an idiot and was exporting for vs 2013 instead of vs 2017, sorry for panic posting ahhaha can delete post if needed!!