Debugging in xcode


I’m very new to XCode…this is a dumb question newb question, I’m certain…

I’m working on a VST plugin. I have it working fine on the pc. Now I’m using Xcode to make a mac version.

Is there a trick to debugging in XCode. On the pc I just built it, open cubase, and when I opened the plugin, MSVC would latch on and break at the breakpoints, etc. It was all pretty straightforward.

In XCode, I compile a debug version, open it up in the DAW, the plugin works but XCode doesn’t latch on…

What crucial steps am I missing?

(I’m running Xcode 3 and Juce 1.46, in OSX10.5.6, compiling in debug mode for 10.5, intel)

Any help appreciated.



You have to add a “custom executable” to the project, which you point at your host - then you can run it and it’ll launch the host under the debugger.