Vst plugin osx Xcode debug


i am new to vst plugin developing

not i use xcode, so i develop using juce and osx


for debug, after web searching, i connect my daw(reaper, cubase) and xcode release


but i can't use break point?

is is normal??  i can see printf(); etc

help me...

for debug, after web searching, i connect my daw(reaper, cubase) and xcode release

If you mean you were using 'release' mode for building your plugin then yes, that'd prevent breakpoints from working.

XCode 7 seem to have issues in general with C++ BPs.

I havent verified with 7.2 yet, but previously it was very unpredictable when and where a BP would actually trigger breaking into the debugger.

If somebody knows the cause or has a solution/workaround I would be very happy to learn about that!



  • Make sure you are running a Debug build.
  • Make absolutely sure you are runnng a Debug build.
  • Make sure you are in the plugin's Xcode project, the process you are attached to is the host, and you actually load the plugin in the host.
  • Create a file named .lldbinit (with the dot in front) in your home folder, and add this line to it: 
    settings set target.inline-breakpoint-strategy always


edit target , must select debug( for break point) 

and Executable, choose your daw


last  cmd + r and you can debug with break point


thank you all.

Thanks, timur,

I am pretty sure I am using the debug build for debugging.

And I guess that wouldn't explain why it breaks somewhere and certainly not where my BP was. (Previous Xcode versions where picky about mixed line-endings and assigning the BP correctly, but that doesn't seem to be the cause here.)

Its not that some optimizations are turned on, creating a bit wired debug experience.



See: http://www.juce.com/forum/topic/registerbasicformats-and-xcode-debugger