Debugging in xcode



I’m very new to XCode…this is a dumb question newb question, I’m certain…

I’m working on a VST plugin. I have it working fine on the pc. Now I’m using Xcode to make a mac version.

Is there a trick to debugging in XCode. On the pc I just built it, open cubase, and when I opened the plugin, MSVC would latch on and break at the breakpoints, etc. It was all pretty straightforward.

In XCode, I compile a debug version, open it up in the DAW, the plugin works but XCode doesn’t latch on…

What crucial steps am I missing?

(I’m running Xcode 3 and Juce 1.46, in OSX10.5.6, compiling in debug mode for 10.5, intel)

Any help appreciated.




Just a suggestion…

In XCode setup an executable(Cubase)

I’m sure someone on this list will jump in if Cubase goes ape crazy when run under a debugger but its worth a shot


seriously try some other host, cubase is one of the most bloated hosts out there, when you are just starting on the plugin try the bundled host (PluginHost) it gets most of the stuff running. I use Ableton Live (demo from their site), don’t use Reaper cause i think the bug with JUCE plugins not working is still there (i’m not sure), but if they fixed it Reaper is the smallest and the fastest. There are some developer tools for VST on try them really, anything but cubase (or Logic or ProTools).