Xcode 6.4 Debug with Ableton Live Problems

Hi everyone,

I'm new with Juce (like a super noob) and i'm struggling with debugging a project with my host, in this case Ableton Live 9.

I'm using Xcode 6.4 on yosemite.

I got a project that i need to debug and i'm launching ableton from xcode.

So here's what i do step by step.

1) I put some breakpoint on the main processor of my plugin.

2) I compil my project. I put ableton in the executable section of my scheme so Ableton i runned with a test project passed in parameter

3) My plugin is displayed in ableton and i can see in xcode debugger that my process (Ableton) is attached to Xcode's debugger.


But my problem is can't achieve to break in any breakpoint of my code.


I found a thread that advise to add a line to the llbdinit file 



But that still not works.


I'm i missing something?

I'm a real noob and i can't test my code properly if i can't debug.


Thanks in advance for the answers. :)


Best regards,



Not sure why you can't debug. From what you say it should work. Are you building in debug mode (Edit Scheme... -> Run -> Build Configuration -> Debug). Also, make sure that Live is not picking up an older plug-in file that you maybe forgot to delete (or that Xcode is not replacing). Also make sure that you are building for the same architecture as your live version (32-bit vs. 64-bit). Hope this helps!