Debugging problems VCE

Hi guys

I Have some problems with the debugger in VCE.
Already asked a question in KVR-Forum but nobody could help me there.

Firstly the debugger doesnt stop at breakpoints. It always tells me that this point is not reached at all. But I’m shure this point has been reached.
Strangely it works in some projects I downloaded. For example the Juce-demo.

The second problem is the DBG() Macro. I don’t get any output at all in my debugger. Where should I see them?

thanks guys


Are you trying to debug something that’s built in release mode? In release mode, all the DBG macros aren’t actually compiled.

No I’m debuging code that’s compiled in debug mode.
I suppose there is something wrong with my project-configuration. But I couldn’t figure it out.

thanks anyway…


maybe you’ve somehow deleted the “_DEBUG” macro from the project settings.

Yes thanks!
It was the missing “_DEBUG” Macro in the project settings.
And a linker settigng that wasn’t right.

I’ll try to wirte it down if someone has a simmilar problem.
But I’ve a German version of VCE so I’m not shure how the items are named in English…

  • right click on your project in the project explorer
  • select “properties” in the menu
  • choose “debug” in the list
  • then choose “Linker” and then “Debugging” on the left side
  • on the right side chose “yes” in “generate Debuginfo”
  • VCE creates an entry in the item just below called something like “create programmdatabase file”

I hope that’s clear enough…

Thanks again Jules!