Debug symbols not loaded when host is scanning plugin

Having trouble with this and i can’t find a solution.

When debugging my plugin with Visual C++ 2019, symbols are strangely not loaded (breakpoints not working) while host (Reaper, Cubase) is scanning a plugin. Looking at module window, i can’t see module actually being loaded (it happens pretty fast, though), despite host it’s obviously (successfully) scanning it.

But then, if i load plugin in host manually, everything works as expected (plugin module with symbols/PDB is loaded).

I am sure this was working properly in the past …

Any ideas?


I guess the plugin scanning will happen on a separate process launched by the host during startup to prevent the host crashing at startup in case a plugin crashes during the scan. You are likely not attached to that scanning process

You are right, I just found this in Reaper changelog (from November 2020):

VST: use separate process when scanning plug-ins, allow terminating hung plug-ins during scan

This makes things a bit more tricky to debug. Now the question is how to find and catch that process - i think the 2nd, hidden instance of Reaper is started for scanning.