Breakpoint debugging my VST: how do I get past this ".pdb not included" (symbols) in Visual Studio?

I’m attaching my VST3 plugin to my DAW and breakpoint debugging it and, in VS2022, stepping over the code, until I reach a point I can’t pass which is where VS asks for the reaper.pdb (the DAW I’m using).

How do I get past this? I tried Tools > Options > Debugging-General / Enable just my code
and Tools > Options > Debugging Symbols - Load only specified modules.

In the image when I select Microsoft Symbol Servers and choose Load, it says “reaper.pdb could not be found…”

juce_vst3_wrapper.cpp host.loadfrom

Are you trying to debug Reaper or did you attach your plugin to Reaper?

I’m attaching my plugin to Reaper. I have been stepping over the PluginProcessor.cpp constructor, and eventually somewhere in JUCE wrapper it invokes this Reaper.pdb message.