Debugging VST3 in VS2022, getting Access violation

I’ve set up the project debug properties to run Reaper.exe with argument to load a project with my plugin on a track.
When I start debugging, Reaper is getting run with the test project loaded, but the debugger stops with message box e.g.
Exception thrown at 0x000000000D1A0AD3 in reaper.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x000000000A930008.
If I click “continue” on the tool bar the project continues to load and I can even see my plugin editor open. After about 10 or so exception/continues reaper appears to be running normally and the exceptions stop.
Are there setting(s) I need to make to avoid the unnecessary exceptions?

I’ve made a little progress.
If I set the plugin as bridged in REAPER, there appears a separate process to attach to, called reaper_host64.exe
So if REAPER is running with the plugin, I can activate Debug/Reattach to process and hit a breakpoint and so on.
If I need a breakpoint for something in initialisation I would debug with the standalone build.
I do remember using visual studio debugging with a juce plugin in previous years that was a very smooth process and I want it back!

Thanks for any hints or tips…

I’m really not clear on what has changed but I’m getting a perfect debug experience with reaper now that I am working on my plugin and not an empty plugin template from projucer. I don’t need to have the plugin bridged or use Debug/Reattach to process which is handy.
I am running VS2022 as administrator in order to get the build process to copy the vst3 to its folder.
In the project properties Debugger settings I have
Command: (path to reaper.exe)
Command Arguments: (name of reaper test project *.rpp in $(ProjectDir))
Working Ditectory: $(ProjectDir)