VST:s Deactivated in JUCE Demo Host




I just thought I would share this insight which I stumbled upon at KVR:

In the JUCE Demo Host, if a plugin crashes when being scanned, you'll get a red entry in the hosts list of plugins:

"Deactivated after failing to initialize correctly"

As long as this entry is there, the Plugin Host will not try to scan a (hopefully) fixed version of the same plugin, at startup.

The solution is simple, and I thought I'd enter it here, if there are other newbies like myself, who got stuck on this:

Just select the red marked entry in the list, and press the "Delete"-button on your keyboard!

On Mac, it's "Backspace".


Best comment ever! Thank you


Well, this thread is pretty old but I can’t seem to find another thread about juce plugins that fail to initialize. How am I suppost to debug my crashing plugin?
In the juce demo host, the app just crashes upon scanning for this plugin for the first time.
After re-opening the juce demo host, it is listed in red and can’t be dealt with at all.
I tried attaching xcode to the reaper process and then load the plugin, but that didn’t really work out.


Don’t “attach” but rather set Reaper (or some other suitable host) as the executable to run when debugging your plugin. That way the debugger is already present when Reaper is starting up and attempting to scan your plugin etc…


Hey Xenakios,

I didn’t find that option. I found the Test Host flag in the Project Settings for the debug build and put the path to Ableton Live in there, but it wouldnt run Ableton Live from pressing Run in Xcode.
I could attach Xcode to Reaper though before it starts when clicking “Attach to Process by PID or Name”. Xcode waits until I start the application with the name I specify.
Works flawless. What the debugger shows afterwards is a different topic…
Thank you for your help.