I can't scan for new or updated VST3 plug-ins

I was working on Tutorial.(JUCE: Tutorial: Create a basic Audio/MIDI plugin, Part 1: Setting up)
I tried to set up plug-in debugging so, I built AudioPluginHost with Xcode.
I want to scan for new or updated VST3 plug-ins but ,JUCE was crashed.

I erased the red letters and try again. but,The result is the same。

Which is the plugin in red which fails to scan?

If it’s a commercial plugin, this is likely to be a bug in JUCE and it would be helpful to know which plugin causes the failure so that we can fix the framework.

If the crash happens while scanning a plugin that you wrote yourself, that would likely indicate a bug in that plugin. In this case, you’ll need to either debug the plugin (people on this forum may be able to help if you provide some more details) or remove it from /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3.

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Commercial plugin’s letters is red so,I remove path to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3.
I can scan for new or updated VST3 plug-ins.
Thank you!!

Please could you let us know which plugin failed to scan, so that we can check whether the failure is due to a bug in JUCE?

I want to know which plugin failed to scan, but I can’t find out ,because the red letters can’t show folder containing plug-in.

It should be possible to drag the line next to the “Name” column-header to make the column wider. Then it should be possible to read the full path to the plugin.

スクリーンショット 2021-07-03 0.50.24
It is the plugin in red

Thanks, I’ll see if I can replicate the problem.

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I was able to reproduce the issue, and I’ve opened a support ticket with Spitfire Audio. I’ll update this thread once I know more.

@reuk on macOS, I’m also having problems with Spitfire Labs.

Failed to create, errorMessage=An OS error occurred during initialisation of the plug-in (-3000)

This is for the LABS.component file

@reuk I have figured-out my particular problem…

The reason is that sandboxSafe is not set in the problem plug-in’s .plist file …