VST3 scan crash in AudioPluginHost

I get this crash in juce_VST3PluginFormat.cpp when I tried to scan some VST3 in AudioPluginHost of juce (the same VST3s in cubase work perfectly)

This plug-in depends on a vector extension, such as AVX2, that is not supported by your CPU.

On an Apple Silicon Mac (M1, M2 etc) this happens in Rosetta because that doesn’t support these vector instructions.

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But I don’t have apple silicon I have a matchbook pro I9 2.4 ghz, also in cubase those vet 3 are loaded perfectly!

I also have a problem on Native instruments Enchanted EQ.component that is not scanned by audioPluginHist (I downloaded the demo version of the three premium tube series and vst3s give me the same error described in the previous message, while as au “vari comp” and “passive eq” are loaded, while enchanted eq is totally not seen by the host, in logic or main stage for example all works perfectly)

Some plugins will detect that they’re running under a debugger and crash in that case. Do you still see a crash if you run the AudioPluginHost without the debugger?

Additionally, some plugins crash when scanned/loaded from a background thread. If you’re not using the out-of-processing scanning mode in the AudioPluginHost, then try that. There’s an option to enable this in the known plugin list.

It would be helpful if you could share the full names + manufacturers of the plugins that fail to load, so that if other people encounter the same issue in the future, they’ll be able to find this thread using a search engine.

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OK really thank you, with out of process scan al vst3s work fine, so I need to implement the out of process scan also for my app…
Anyhow Enchanted EQ.component is not seen from this scan, it’s loaded fine as VST3 while as audio unit is totally not seen (while the same component in logic works), the version is demo 1.4.5 (other 2 plugin of the series passive EQ and Vari Comp, work fine both in vst3 and audio unit)