Debugging browser plugin on Windows?


using the latest JUCE from git.

Curious about the “browser plugin” functionality, I have just built and run the demo project from \juce\extras\browser plugins\demo.
It works fine.
Next step was “hmmm… can you run JUCE-built audio processing applications in the browser then?” and I saw in the forum a post from Jules that confirms this. This sounds great!

Now, question: how do I debug a browser plugin?

I have set a breakpoint in the demo browser plugin constructor, and also in JuceDemoBrowserPlugin::buttonClicked.
I have this for the debug settings of the project:
Command = C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
Command arguments = "H:\Koen\Code\C++\Various\juce\extras\browser plugins\demo\test.html"
And I have enabled “generate debug info” in the linker settings.
I have registered the dll with regsvr32.exe.
When I press F5 (Start debugging), the browser starts with the correct page, and the JUCE browser plugin is shown.
But in my project, my 2 breakpoints have a “warning” icon that says something like “no symbols loaded”.
Any idea what to do? I’m probably missing something obvious…


IE7 can be tricky because it launches a separate process for the plugins, so you need to use MSVC to connect to that process when the plugin has been loaded. I use firefox for debugging myself, as it’s a bit more straightforward.

OK, just tried that and it works fine. Thanks!
Any idea about the name of that separate process to attach to in IE?

No idea - you’d just have to look at the task list and pick the one that sounds likely.