Browser plugin not working in chrome on mac


I’ve built both my plugin and the juce browser plugin demo for mac 10.7. They seem to work in firefox on mac, however both do not work in chrome. I do see them in chrome://plugins. Also, when I attach the xcode debugger, the following errors appear in the output window: PluginMsg_Init returned false Couldn’t initialize plug-in

None of the breakpoints set in the juce_NPAPI_GlueCode.cpp trigger (like breakpoints in NP_Initialize and NP_GetEntryPoints), but I might be doing it wrong (used to visual studio, not xcode).

Found this thread: , which doesn’t help me but maybe it rings a bell for someone.

Might be related to , but as far as I can tell, it isn’t.

Does anyone have an idea? Or maybe if someone can try to reproduce by building juce demo plugin and test open test.html in chrome (v23) on osx 10.7 ?


Oops, my bad - i did take a look at the bleeding edge release (on my windows machine!) but didn’t transfer it to the macmini ! So the ifdef actually DID fix my problem!

/endthread or delete thread :oops: