Juce Browser Plug-in scripting not working for Firefoxon Mac

In reference to http://www.rawmaterialsoftware.com/juceforum/viewtopic.php?t=4400, and the problem of scripting not working on Firefox for Mac (but working on Firefox for Windows!), I’ve found this…

Won’t work for Firefox (but works for Safari!)

Works for Firefox:


That does make sense. Web designers normally get around the embed/object dilemma by using javascript to dynamically generate the correct embedding tag.

Hi Jules,

Just updated my findings (see above edit). I was confused - the problems were with firefox for Mac (not Safari).

I guess I’ll just have to write what I want using dynamic javascript, as you say. Doesn’t work of course where javascript is disabled!

Anyways, consider this issue closed! :wink:

Best wishes,


Hi Jules,

Actually, one more question…! :slight_smile:

The demo plug-in project builds and copies two files to /Library/Internet Plug-ins:

debug builds: JuceBrowserPluginDemo.plugin
release builds: JuceBrowserPluginDemo.bundle

I presume that the latter (built by the release build) should actually be the same name as the other; otherwise the system will get confused as to which one to pick up?


Ah yes, that must just be a typo - thanks for spotting it!

Your text notes on how to create the audio and browser plug-ins are pretty good - nice one! :slight_smile:

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