Browser plugin demo


anybody using juce to make browser plugins?
I just tried the demo plugin, which works fine in windows.
in osx (10.8.2), however, it doesn’t draw. Area where the purple window should be is white/blank.
Communicating with the plugin works however.
it pops up the popup when the button is pressed, this then appears behind the browser. and a little bit later you get a plugin failure message where the plugin should be…

I know the demo code is a bit out of date, but I would like to know if the BrowserPluginComponent at least works and draws on a mac.


It works on OSX for 32-bit browsers, but the newer 64-bit ones use sandboxing which prevents the plugin’s NSView being embedded. Since the only way to get around this is to reimplement a totally new drawing system that bypasses normal NSViews and draws directly to the browser, it’s a big task that I’ve not had chance to look at.