Safari plugin no window area


I’m trying to compile the Mac OS HelloWorld app. I’ve tried with Base SDK and 10.6 targets and in both cases I failed to see anything in the plugin window area on the test page. The popups work OK as does the plugin-to-javascript comms.

Looking at the NPAPI wrapper code, I can’t see anything specifically mac oriented. Theres a JUCE_WINDOWS ifdef so I presume the #else case is the mac one right? Is this known to be broken?

  • Aaron

Ah, is this 64-bit safari? If so, I’m afraid you have to launch it in 32-bit mode so that the plugins can work. The 64-bit version sandboxes the plugins and stops them embedding their own window in the browser.

Ahh. I see. Are there any plans to support native 64-bit plugins with Cocoa?

I don’t think the average user can be expected to switch Safari to 32-bit mode whenever they want to use a plugin.

No, embedding an NSView in the browser seems to simply be impossible, regardless of whether the plugin itself is 64 bit or not. Thanks for that, Apple. I believe this has screwed a lot of other companies too.

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