#define WIN32 for RTAS headers

Hi Jules,

as Microsoft states in its documentation, a _WIN32 symbol is defined when compiling a windows project.

On the other hand, RTAS’s ForcedInclude.h require a macro named WIN32 to be defined with the same meaning.

Since I’m working under Vistual Studio, I checked and all my code compiles well relying only on that _WIN32 macro, while the only part that does not compile is the RTAS interface, because it lacks the WIN32 symbol.

Rather than adding the WIN32 symbol everywhere in my configurations, I solved this by adding the following lines to “juce_RTAS_DigiCode_Header.h”:

#ifdef _WIN32
#define WIN32 1

What do you think about adding that to your tip?
I can’t think a way this can be harmful rather than useful…

Ok, well that header already sets the WINDOWS_VERSION flag, so it could just go next to that, I guess. Thanks!