Demo Runner doesn't always show available demos?

Latest release of Juce’s DemoRunner doesn’t always list the demos available in the side-window JuceDemo

when I managed to build it on a Linux machine (RasPi) I realised that some of the other demos which were separate apps and now included in the demo. Cool (but this report stands)

The DemoRunner app needs to be located in your JUCE directory in order to find all of the example files, perhaps you moved the .exe?

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@ed95, just makes me wonder why the Android app works :slight_smile:

Same here Mac …OS 10.12.6
“examples” folder is in the JUCE directory in Applications Folder …same directory as Projucer .app and…

The “browse juce demos button” launches the “” but the “demos” tab is blank???

Fixed it like this…
moved the out of its default location booted Projucer tried to run…couldn’t be found.
exit projucer.
Move back where it should be.
Now everything is found including the examples folder.

I always moved exe to Desktop, now I’ve got a shortcut/link file on the desktop to where it resides… {still curious how Android works :slight_smile: }

from the perspective of a potential new user it could give a false first impression… as the obvious first step is to launch the Demo Runner and then says pick a demo but there are none… makes it seem like JUCE is not as solid and impressive as it truly is.

I’m on Mac and am having the same issue, my DemoRunner doesn’t bring up any of the demos. DemoRunner is in the JUCE folder and I attempted the suggestions above with no luck.

Is there an additional setting I’m missing?

Yeah there’s an issue with the DemoRunner included in the JUCE website download on Mac due to the app being sandboxed when you try to run it. Try moving the app out of the JUCE folder and back in again and launch it again.

Strange, I tried moving the DemoRunner up just one directory after reading geogringos suggestion but it did not work. Tried again after your message @ed95 but moving to desktop instead and it works. If anyone else has the issue try moving to different places if it doesn’t work on first try.


You can read about TransLocation here:

and look at the section titled: › moving the application bundle



Thanks Rail, we were scratching our heads over this one for a while. The issue with the DemoRunner is that it relies on finding the JUCE example files to display them, so when the app is run from a random location because of translocation it fails to find them. This will be fixed in the next release as we now put the example files inside the app bundle on Mac.

Yeah, I had to deal with this issue with my Installer.



Quick question : would it be possible to have an option which sets the menu always visible and not on top of the demo component ? Like in the previous iteration of the demo app ? It’s quite bothersome to have to select the menu, find the demo you want to test, close the menu, and do it again for next demo all the time…

Moreover, I don’t understand what is going on with the assets folder. I see some redundant files there, and some h files not being used at all such as all the Box2d stuff…