DemoRunner is crashing on half the examples

I downloaded JUCE 5.4.1 and trying to run DemoRunner on OS X Sierra. Many of the demo examples crash immediately, especially the gui section. Want to run the widget demo, but it crashes also. Does anyone have any idea why JUCE doesn’t like my system?

Well, it’s true if you run the demo, but it’s ok if you compile by yourself. You can find the jucer project in the Exemples/DemoRunner folder.

Thanks I will try that. Do we have any idea why the pre compiled demos are crashing like that?

The precompiled demo runner is crashing a lot here too, on OS-X High Sierra. Maybe something to do with OpenGL…?

That is odd, I’ve re-built the DemoRunner from the 5.4.1 master branch locally and it doesn’t crash but the website download version does. I’ll re-upload the binary which should hopefully fix things.

Sorry the actual DemoRunner binary (4 dec) crash (OpenGL, Widgets ) but if I compile it by mySelf everything is ok.

I think maybe DemoRunner crashes when opening certain examples, if its not sitting in just the right path. When I build it from source and run it from the place where Xcode saves the binary, then it runs fine. if I move that same binary to the desktop, then some of the examples crash the program.

This should be fixed now in 80d819c and the website downloads will be updated next time we do a release.

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