JUCE Demo Runner - Code not showing up


I am able to get Demo Runner to run and all of the demos I have tried have worked in the demo tab but when I click on the Code tab of Demo Runner, nothing shows up.

I have tried moving Demo Runner to the Desktop and then back to the main JUCE folder (Demo Runner doesn't always show available demos?) and I have tried compiling the program from the projucer file (Demo Runner will not open). The same result happens each time.

I am able to successfully load all of the tutorials that I have tried (about 15) so I don’t think the problem is with my Projuicer.

Does anyone else have any suggestions that I might try? I just discovered the Demo Runner and it seems like it could be very useful in my attempt to learn JUCE.

Thanks so much,

What platform are you on? Are you using the website download of JUCE or the develop branch?

I am sorry for the delay in responding. I didn’t think I had gotten a response. I am running on Mac High Sierra. I used the website download, JUCE 5.3.2.

Hi ed95, Is there anything else you might recommend? I have this problem on both the website download and the github download. I am jealous of people who have access to the demo runner as it seems to be a great resource. Thanks so much, Sasha

Have you tried building the DemoRunner from source? ie. get the latest tip of the develop branch, navigate to JUCE/examples/DemoRunner/Builds and then open the project in your IDE and build it.

Thank you for your help. It works when I build it from the latest develop branch. I did not follow your first instructions carefully enough and was building from the master branch on github.

Thank you for your patience.